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Course title Institution

AGROPT02 Biodépollution AGROPT
AGROPT03 Bioraffinerie : nouvelles stratégies d'utilisation du végétal AGROPT
AGROPT04 Changement climatique - controverses et enjeux AGROPT
AGROPT05 Conception et réhabilitation d’éco-quartiers : une nouvelle façon d... AGROPT
AGROPT11 Gérer l'eau : problématiques régionales et planétaires AGROPT
AGROPT12 Imagerie spatiale et surveillance géographique de l'environnement AGROPT
AGROPT16 Les marchés financiers AGROPT
AGROPT17 L'ingénieur et les médias AGROPT
AGROPT20 Perceptions sensorielles dans différents univers AGROPT
AGROPT21 Neurones: des modèles à la conscience AGROPT
AGROPT22 New challenges for animal science AGROPT
AGROPT23 Nutrition en Conditions Extrêmes AGROPT
AGROPT24 Politique agricole en Europe et aux Etats-Unis. Evolution et perspe... AGROPT
AGROPT25 Publication sur l'Internet AGROPT
AGROPT27 Structuration des Matériaux Alimentaires et Technologie AGROPT
AGROPT28 Le principe de précaution entre Sciences et Droit AGROPT
AGROPT29 Sciences citoyennes. Quand les citoyens produisent du savoir AGROPT
AGROPT30 Modélisation moléculaire AGROPT
BME4 Danube Bridges in Budapest BME
BME8 Sustainable reconstruction of historic buildings BME
CPT3 Conception d'un médicament CPT
CPT4 Dermatologie et Cosmétologie CPT
CTU01 Metrology of Electrical Quantities CVUT
CTU12 Management and Economics CVUT
CTU15 Digital Signal and Image Processing with Applications CVUT
CTU16 Environmental Biotechnology CVUT
CTU18 Physics of Extreme Systems CVUT
ENPC 12 Développement et relations Nord-Sud ENPC
ENPC 16 Urban Water and Waste Management History in Paris: from Lutece to t... ENPC
ENPC01 On Chaos, Quanta and Daemons ENPC
ENPC02 Mergers and Acquisitions ENPC
ENPC05 Vehicular Crashworthiness ENPC
ENPC13 La gestion énergétique et climatique des villes durables ENPC
ENPC15 Developing and understanding building materials ENPC
ENSAM1 Polymers and Composites (Properties and Durability) ENSAM
ENSAM5 Acoustique du BTP ENSAM
ENSAM6 Introduction to Musculoskeletal and Osteoarticular Biomechanics ENSAM
ENSAM8 Integral Transform Methods, Signal Processing & Measurements (i... ENSAM
ENSAM9 Polymers Recycling ENSAM
IST10 Plasma Science and Technology IST
IST11 Value Proposition Design for Startups – create value for your customer IST
IST12 Visual Analytics – an agile software development project IST
IST2 Quality Control IST
IST6 e-lab - Remotely controlled physics laboratories IST
ITU ARCH07 (SBE) Sustainable Built Environment ITU
KUL22 Next Generation Biomaterials KUL
KUL23 Symmetric Cryptography - from Theory to Practice KUL
KUL24 Small Scale Modeling Techniques for Materials KUL
MP08 Physics and Mechanics of Random Media MP
MP11 Calcul des structures MP
MP12 Musique, science, histoire MP
MP13 Polymer Processing (in Sophia-Antipolis) MP
MP14 Systèmes de production et logistique MP
MP16 Introduction à la gestion des risques MP
MP19 Operations research in the industry MP
POLI12 Modern Interior Architecture: case studies and historiography PM
POLI14 Weak experiment. Landscape strategies for shrinking cities PM
POLI19 Milan, the unexpected green-growing city. A view from inside. PM
POLI8 Discrete and Geometric Tomography PM
POLI9 The Art of Building Cities PM
TA04 Medical Imaging ENSTA
TA06 Energie et Environnement ENSTA
TA07 Propulsion éolienne ENSTA
TA11 Nanotechnologies ENSTA
TA12 Physique et philosophie: quels liens? ENSTA
TA14 Artificial satellites and applications ENSTA
TA16 La performance théâtrale ENSTA
TA20 Activities and economy of trade ports ENSTA
TA21 Photovoltaic solar energy ENSTA
TA23 Intelligent and autonomous vehicles ENSTA
TPT01 Image Processing TPT
TPT05 Managing Communication in an International Context TPT
TPT07 Optical Communications TPT
TPT09 Emergence in Complex Systems: from Nature to Engineering TPT
TPT20 Optical Ethernet for Cloud Computing TPT
TPT32 Mining of Massive Datasets TPT
TPT33 Information Extraction TPT
TPT35 Linux Device Drivers TPT
TUD01 Introduction into Finite Elements and Algorithms DELFT
TUD02 Product and Process Design Concepts in (Bio)Chemical Industries DELFT
TUD09 Earthquakes in Holland, opportunities for the integral transformati... DELFT
TUM16 Structural Reliability TUM
TUM23 Boundary Element Method TUM
TUW3 Industrial Archaeology TUW
TUW4 Energy Economics and Climate Change TUW
UPM101 Madrid and its history through the analysis of the most emblematic ... UPM
UPM104 Environmental Benefits of Biochar UPM
UPM107 Spectral signatures: from foods to fuels UPM
UPM108 Sistemas de Información Geográficos UPM
UPM109 Void, subtraction and silence . Actions in Madrid. The pertinence o... UPM
UPM110 Biomedical Signal Processing UPM
UPM111 Archiactions ON-THE-AIR. Radiopedagogies for archiactions by audios... UPM
UPM112 People in Urban and Territorial Design, the Local Transition for a ... UPM
UPM95 Non-linear mathematical Models and Applications UPM
WUT10 Sound: Hearing and Acoustical Measurements WUT
WUT14 Knowledge Systems WUT