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Course title Institution

AUTH1 Genetic algorithms and related biological metaphors in Engineering AUT
AUTH2 Impact of Metro construction on the long term sustainability of a M... AUT
BME4 Danube Bridges in Budapest BME
BME7 Building Economics BME
CTU02 Application of Ionizing Radiation CVUT
CTU03 Text Searching Algorithms CVUT
CTU10 The PIV Method in Fluid Mechanics CVUT
CTU12 Management and Economics of the Enterprise CVUT
CTU19 Introduction to Vibrational Spectroscopy CVUT
ENSAM1 Polymers and Composites (Properties and Durability) ENSAM
ENSAM5 Acoustique du BTP ENSAM
ENSAM6 Introduction to Musculoskeletal and Osteoarticular Biomechanics ENSAM
ESPCI2 Structure-Property Relationships in Polymers ESPCI
ESPCI3 Sciences et Technologies en Sociétés ESPCI
IST3 Operational Research IST
IST6 e-lab - Remotely controlled physics laboratories IST
ITU CEO1 (GIS) Geopraphic Information System ITU
KUL18 Electric Vehicles: the bigger picture KUL
KUL20 A cruise through safety engineering: Mission impossible? KUL
MP01 Le langage C++ MP
MP02 Couleur, arts, industrie MP
MP03 Europe utile : une approche industrielle MP
MP05 Health and Medicine : Social, Political, and Ethical Issues at Nati... MP
MP06 Nonlinear Computational Mechanics MP
MP07 Écologie et environnement MP
MP08 Physics and Mechanics of Random Media MP
MP09 Logistique Urbaine MP
MP18 Geointelligence for Natural Resource Evaluation and Sustainable Man... MP
NTNU1 Sustainable Hydropower Development NTNU
POLI12 Modern Interior Architecture: case studies and historiography PM
POLI13 Multiscale Modeling of Interface Phenomena in Biology PM
POLI14 Weak experiment. Landscape strategies for shrinking cities PM
POLI9 The Art of Building Cities PM
TPT03 Scientific Research Method : Techniques, Models and Practices TPT
TPT05 Managing Communication in an International Context TPT
TPT06 Recherche opérationnelle et aide à la décision TPT
TPT09 Emergence in complex systems TPT
TPT17 Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval TPT
TPT18 Quantum entanglement for communications: from theory to experiments TPT
TPT31 Major trends in Information and Communication networks and services TPT
TPT32 Mining of Massive Datasets TPT
TPT33 Information Extraction TPT
TUD01 Introduction into Finite Elements and Algorithms DELFT
TUD02 Isogeometric simulation and beyond DELFT
TUM21 Manipulation of time series in time and frequency spectrum TUM
TUM22 Computational Mechanics for Crashworthiness TUM
TUW7 How Physics Inspires Science Fiction TUW
UPM01 Engineering Economics for Project Management UPM
UPM14 Accessible Web Design UPM
UPM57 Smart and Accessible Homes (2014) UPM
UPM87 Mathematics and beauty UPM
UPM88 Sensors and electrohydraulic systems in farm machinery UPM
UPM91 Introduction to Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Managem... UPM
UPM95 Non-linear mathematical Models and its Applications UPM
UPM96 Next Generation Photovoltaics for High Efficient Energy Conversion UPM
UPM97 New City World and Development: Asunción, Madrid and Kinshasa UPM
UPM98 Solar Powered Aircraft Technologies UPM
UPM99 Sensory and Consumer Science applied to New Product Development UPM
WUT13 Computer Modelling for Electromagnetics: Visibility of the Invisible WUT
WUT3 Ethical Aspects of Research and Engineering WUT