Course code CTU18
Course title Physics of Extreme Systems
Institution Czech Technical University in Prague
Course address Trojanova 13, Prague 2
City Prague
Minimum year of study 4th year
Minimum level of English Good
Minimum level of French None
Key words Extreme states of matter, high-energy-density physics, superstrong fields, x-ray laser, nucleoreactive plasmas, frontier physics, inertial confinement fusion, PALS, ELI
Language English
Professor responsible Ladislav Drska
Telephone +420 224 358 636
Fax +420 224 358 624
Participating professors M. Kalal, O. Klimo, J. Limpouch,  T. Mocek (IOP), B. Rus (IOP), M. Sinor, J. Ullschmied (IPP)
Number of places Minimum: 5, Maximum: 20, Reserved for local students: 0

Introduction to physics of high-energy-density matter : theory, simulation, facilities, experiment,. -  Presentation of key applications of high-energy-density physics:  x-ray lasers, frontier physics studies, inertial confinement fusion.

Programme to be followed

Introduction. - Preludium: Modern Physics: Lasers, Plasmas, Nuclei. - Lab.Visit 1: FNSPE - Dept . of  Physical Electronics. Part 1. *  Postmodern Physics & Extreme Systems. - Subpicosecond / Superstrong Field Photonics. - Lab.Visit 2: FNSPE – Dept .of Physical Electronics. Part 2, Dept. of Nuclear Reactors. * Physics of Extreme States of Matter. - Computational Physics of High-Parameter Plasmas, -  Lab. Visit 2: FNSPE - Dept. of  Physical Electronics. Part 2; Dept. of Nuclear Reactors . *  Physics of Nucleoreactive Plasmas. - X-ray Lasers and Their Applications. - PALS Laboratory & Project ELI Beamlines.- Lab. Visit 2 : AS CR -  Inst. of Plasma Physics, PALS . * Lasers & Frontier Physics . -  Inertial Confinement Fusion & Thermonuclear Reactors. - Conclusion. - Final Test. - Course Web Site :


A course of introductory / applied physics, basic knowledge of modern physics (e.g. D. Halliday et al.: Physics, Chap. 38 – 45 ).

Course exam Final test