Course code ENPC06
Course title Negotiation
Institution Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
Course address ENPC - 6 à 8, av Blaise Pascale, Cité Descartes, Champs sur Marne - Marne La Vallée
City Paris
Minimum year of study 3rd year
Minimum level of English Good
Minimum level of French None
Key words Negotiation, working relationships, dealing with conflicts
Language English
Professor responsible Alain LEMPEREUR
Telephone + 33 6 80 81 62 83
Participating professors
Number of places Minimum: 12, Maximum: 36, Reserved for local students: 0
Objectives Everyone negotiates on a daily basis, but what about doing it responsibly? Faced with projects, contracts, conflicts or crises, coping with people, problems and process, how can negotiators lever the right reflections and actions? How can they optimize utility for themselves and for others? This course provides concepts, observations and suggestions to improve analytical and operational negotiation skills; but it also addresses negotiation foundations on how to do first things first, i.e. how to make the right moves at the right time in order to reach the right decisions and to achieve proper implementation. Negotiators can model the right moves. They can ensure quality relationships, before any other action, putting people first. They can structure an effective process before and during problem solving. They can prepare before meetings and debrief afterwards, managing the mandate and implementing deals with principals and teams. Their communication can further information sharing and common understanding, with active listening and questioning to increase empathy, before active speaking and persuasive arguments to assert their needs. If cooperation prevails, negotiators can also enlarge the pie for more joint value – economic, social, etc. –, before capturing their fair share.  Members of this class will embark on a common reflection on how to act as more responsible negotiators.
Programme to be followed §      Increasing awareness about negotiation responsibility to achieve fair deals and settlements.§      Becoming better analysts of negotiation, theirs and others’. §      Assessing their personal negotiation approaches.§      Giving themselves general objectives for improvement.§      Improving relationships, with subordinates, peers, superiors, and all stakeholders.§      Broadening their negotiation repertoire.§      Furthering the cause of peaceful resolution and coexistence.§      Crafting better deals and contracts.

§     Learning how to really learn from experience.

Prerequisites Good Level in English
Course exam Attendance and active participation are compulsory, as well as the completion of all assignments. Validation marks take into consideration the following criteria:§         20%: Class Participation (class interactions, participation in discussions)

§         40%: Two Individual Preparation Briefs

§        40%: Group Assignments (2 group preparation brief, 8 post negotiation reports)