Course code UPM59
Institution Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Course address ETSI Montes. Ciudad Universitaria s/n. 28040
City Madrid
Minimum year of study 3rd year
Minimum level of English Fluent
Minimum level of French None
Key words Science fiction movies and literature, technology and society, cultural analysis
Language English
Professor responsible Dr. Salvador Rodríguez Nuero
Telephone +34 91 336 55 50
Participating professors
Number of places Minimum: 15, Maximum: 25, Reserved for local students:
Objectives In this seminar we will analyse the dark side of technology, as it is presented in science fiction movies and othe popular culture artifacts. Science fiction usually portrays technology as trying to destroy or enslave humanity and, consequently, serves as a good indicator of the social responses to new technologies, and of the arising anxieties.  From Fritz Lang’s Metropolis to the Wachowski’s The Matrix or Stanton’s Wall-E, many Sci-Fi movies present in different ways the problematic sideeffects brought about by the new technologies and the ethical, political, and existential questions they pose. The latent anxiety expresses a technophobic fear of losing our human identity, our freedom, our emotions, our values, and our lives to machines.  So instead of disregarding this way of being with technology as primitive, we will inquire into the reasons which provoke such uneasiness.
Programme to be followed Every topic presented will be illustrated with a particula movie which will be followed by a class discussion. During the four first sessions, the sequence wil be: (1) Introduction, (2) Film watching, (3) class discussion, and (4) conclusions.  The last day will be devoted to oral presentations or final test.
Prerequisites Upper intermediate level of English is a must. Students with a lower level will be uanble to follow the classes.
Course exam class participation 50%, final presentation or test 50%