Course code UPM92
Course title Language and Technology through Cinema
Institution Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Course address EUIT Telecomunicación Ctra Valencia Km, 7 Campus Sur
City Madrid
Minimum year of study 1st year
Minimum level of English Good
Minimum level of French None
Key words English language technology cinema
Language English
Professor responsible Inmaculada Álvarez de Mon Rego
Telephone +34 91 336 4805
Participating professors Inmaculada Alvarez de Mon, Margarita Millán Valenzuela, Carola Álvarez-Bolado Sánchez
Number of places Minimum: 7, Maximum: 20, Reserved for local students:
Objectives To improve knowledge on culture and communication skills in English: expressing opinions and judgement both orally and in written language; reporting and giving presentations
Programme to be followed

The themes covered are the following:

  1. Socializing in Professional Communication (Reversal of Fortune)
  2. Cultural Differences in Corporate Life (Fear and Trembling)
  3. Surveillance Technology and Privacy (1984)
  4. Technology and Language Disabilities (The Miracle Worker)
  5. Conflict in a Global World (Babel)
  6. Business, Ethics and Developing Countries (The Constant Gardener)
  7. The Dark Side of Living Abroad (The Painted Veil)
Prerequisites English B2
Course exam Students will have to give a 10 minute presentation on one of the films and write a short paper (an abstract and two pages) on one of the topics dealt with