Course code IST13
Course title From School Memories to a School Architecture Manifesto. Unfolding Lisbon's School Architecture paradigm
Institution Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisboa
Course address Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal
City Lisbon
Minimum year of study 3rd year
Minimum level of English Good
Minimum level of French None
Key words Architecture, Built Environment, School Buildings, Educational Facilities, Lisbon
Language English
Professor responsible Alexandra Alegre
Telephone +351218418331
Participating professors Alexandra Alegre, Teresa Heitor, Francisco Teixeira Bastos, Maria Bacharel (researcher), Ana Fernandes (researcher)
Number of places Minimum: 15, Maximum: 20, Reserved for local students: 0

The course aims at introducing students to the theme of architecture of school buildings focusing issues such as the design of the learning spaces, the outdoor spaces, and the relationship with the city. Moreover, the course is committed to developing a broad basis of debate on the pedagogical, social, cultural, environmental and design issues regarding educational facilities, and their impact on the learning experiences.

The course aims at engaging students from different fields (Architecture, Education, Urban Planning, Engineering, Science, Sociology, History, Economics, etc.) with designers, scholars, and experts, in deepening the discussion about School Building Architecture.

The course emphasises the understanding on how architecture affects the people who live within it, and, conversely, how pedagogical, social, political and cultural values affect the design and the use of the built environment.
Programme to be followed

A one-week studio-based program focused on the previous experiences of the individuals, the analysis of Lisbon’s school buildings, and the study of representative school buildings from different periods and international contexts.

Students from different fields and backgrounds will be arranged in multidisciplinary groups to discuss experiences and propose potential scenarios – a school architecture manifesto.

Studio work methodology will be based on fieldwork in the city of Lisbon, including visits to some of the most significant school buildings built during the 20th century, together with theoretical modules, discussion based on Pecha Kucha presentations, projection of films and text readings.

The course is student-centered, based on problem solving and experimentation techniques and it is expected for the students to actively engage, participate and interact.

Digital communication skills (graphic design and presentations). The students are required to bring a laptop and a digital camera for the course.

IMPORTANT: The students should bring 20 representative images of their high school.

Course exam

Evaluation will be focused on the participation and outcomes produced by students during the course. The parameters of evaluation during the course will be divided in: 1) case study analysis; 2) critical synthesis; 3) proposal/manifesto; 4) class participation; 5) communication. Proactivity is valued.