Course code BME8
Course title Sustainable reconstruction of historic buildings
Institution Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Course address Budapest University of Technology and Economics
City Budapest
Minimum year of study 3rd year
Minimum level of English Good
Minimum level of French None
Key words
historic buildings, sustainable, building energetics, refurbishment, environmentally conscious design
Language English
Professor responsible Prof. György L. BALÁZS
Telephone +36 1 463 4068
Fax +36 1 463 3450
Participating professors

Zsuzsa SZALAY, Annamária DUDÁS, György HALÁSZ, Balázs NAGY

Number of places Minimum: 10, Maximum: 30, Reserved for local students: 0
Objectives  The existing building stock, responsible for about 40% of the energy use in Europe, provides a great potential for cost-effective energy savings. In case of historic buildings, however, there are many obstacles hindering the implementation of energetic refurbishment measures. During the course, students will learn about the possibilities and special problems related to the sustainable and energy conscious retrofit of these buildings. The lectures and workshops will be organised around a historic building of Budapest. Multidisciplinary groups of students will develop a complex retrofit concept for the building, including a vision for the future use of the building, technical details and energy performance. 


Programme to be followed

Five 2-hour lectures: Sustainability. Goals and tasks of reconstructions, Retrofit measures in historic buildings, Possibilities for the use of renewable energy sources in historic buildings, Measurements (infrared thermal imaging), Case studies


Five 2-hour workshops: Study visit of the project building, Development of the retrofit concept in groups, focusing on the future use of the building, technical details and energy performance.


Excursions: Site visits of historic buildings under reconstruction, Visit of the ODOO building, a successful project in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 competition


Knowledge in Building Constructions

Advantage: architectural design, CAD softwares, building energy performance calculations, building services

Course exam

Group presentation (solutions for reconstruction of a given building in Budapest) and answering test questions