Course code CTU19
Course title Introduction to Vibrational Spectroscopy
Institution Czech Technical University in Prague
Course address Technick√° 5, Prague 6
City Prague
Minimum year of study 2nd year
Minimum level of English Good
Minimum level of French None
Key words Infrared spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, interpretation of vibrational spectra, spectral-data processing, circular dichroism
Language English
Professor responsible Pavel Matejka
Telephone +420 220 443 687
Fax +420 220 444 352
Participating professors Martin Clupek, Vadym Prokopec, Marcela Dendisová, Vladimir Setnicka,
Number of places Minimum: 7, Maximum: 14, Reserved for local students: 0
Objectives The main goal of  the course is to provide an introduction to practical application of infrared and Raman spectroscopy, microscopy and nanoscopy
Programme to be followed

Five 3-hour lectures / morning sessions: 1. Introduction and FTIR measurements. 2. FTIR reflection techniques, VCD technique. 3. Vibrational micro- and nano-spectroscopy. 4. FT Raman spectroscopy. 5. Computer treatment, multivariate data evaluation and interpretation of spectra. Five 3-hour afternoon sessions: practical courses to the morning topics.

More details:

Prerequisites Basic knowledge of chemistry
Course exam Final evaluation by means of the evaluation tests.