Course code KUL29
Course title Biomedical Signal Processing: from Theory to Practice
Institution KU Leuven
Course address Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Kasteelpark Arenberg 10
City 3001 Leuven
Minimum year of study 4th year
Minimum level of English Good
Minimum level of French None
Key words


Biomedical signal processing, digital filtering, pattern recognition, time-frequency analysis, heart rate variability

Language English
Professor responsible Prof. Sabine Van Huffel
Telephone +32 16 32 17 03
Participating professors

Prof.  Alexander Bertrand + Assistants: Carolina Varon and Alexander Caicedo

Number of places Minimum: 12, Maximum: 24, Reserved for local students: 0

This course aims at introducing the basic concepts for biomedical signal processing systems from the acquisition of the signals up to the analysis level. The course will address topics like signal pre-processing, detection of events, feature extraction, and machine learning, and pursues the practical implementation of these techniques in a real-life use case. 


Programme to be followed

The course will be organized within the context of a real-life biomedical signal processing problem and will be divided in 4 parts addressing the following topics: Signal pre-processing, detection of events, feature extraction, and decision making. Each day the theoretical foundations will be explained in the morning session, whereas the afternoons will be dedicated to practical sessions. The students will be asked to work in groups and apply the theory in a real-life use case related to cardiac activity monitoring, covering the four aspects mentioned earlier. During the final evaluation, the students will orally present the solution to their problem and will discuss the results.


This course is suitable for students studying electronic engineering, computer science, biomedical engineering or related subjects. The students should have basic knowledge on systems theory and signal processing (discrete Fourier transforms, pole-zero plots, Z-transform, etc.). Prior (basic) experience with programming in Matlab is a must. When in doubt, contact the course organizers.


This course is not open for KU Leuven students!


Course exam

Presentation at the end of the week, gained insights, project evaluation