Course code TPT18
Course title Quantum entanglement for communications: from theory to experiments
Institution TELECOM ParisTech
Course address The theoretical part (4 days) will take place at TELECOM ParisTech (Paris 13) and the experimental part (1 full day) at Institut d'Optique Graduate School in Palaiseau (accessible with RER B ; the students will be guided)
City Paris and Palaiseau
Minimum year of study 4th year
Minimum level of English Good
Minimum level of French None
Key words

entanglement, spontaneous down conversion, quantum optics, EPR paradox, Bell inequalities, quantum teleportation

Language English
Professor responsible Isabelle Zaquine
Telephone 01 45 81 78 39
Fax 01 45 81 76 46
Participating professors

Romain Alléaume, Filippo Miatto, Eleni Diamanti, Damian Markham, Isabelle Zaquine

Number of places Minimum: 8, Maximum: 12, Reserved for local students: 2
Objectives Quantum entanglement is the basic ressource for the future quantum internet. The objective of this  course is to acquire a thorough understanding of this concept from the theoretical definition to the practical implementation of entangled photons states, using non linear optics and to see how it can be used in various quantum communications devices.
Programme to be followed

Basic quantum physics

Entanglement,  EPR paradox, Field quantization, beamsplitters

Introduction to nonlinear optics (second order nonlinear phenomena)

Entangled photons: polarization, time-energy, time-bin

Physical implementation of entangled photon pairs sources

Quantum teleportation, entanglement swapping

Quantum cryptography protocols using entangled states

Experiment Quantum mechanics non locality test violation of Bell's inequalities using polarization entangled photons produced by spontaneous down-conversion.


Maxwell equations, basic quantum physics, linear algebra 

Course exam

Daily MCQ tests and the laboratory session report