Course code TPT05
Course title Managing Communication in an International Context
Institution TELECOM ParisTech
Course address Telecom ParisTech - 46 rue Barrault - 75013 Paris
City Paris
Minimum year of study 3rd year
Minimum level of English Good
Minimum level of French None
Key words Culture, international, intercultural, cross-cultural
Language English
Professor responsible Nathan ARTHUR, James BENENSON, Vera DICKMAN, Zack OBERG
Telephone + 33 (0) 1 45 81 80 24
Fax + 33 (0) 1 45 65 95 15
Participating professors The course will be taught by Nathan ARTHUR, James BENENSON, Vera DICKMAN and Zack OBERG teachers in the Modern Languages and Cultures Department.
Number of places Minimum: 8, Maximum: 20, Reserved for local students: 3
The aim of this five-day course is to become aware of one's own style of communication and to understand how different corporate and national management cultures can influence decision-making. The ability to successfully communicate in an international context requires knowledge of differing social norms as well as why they may differ in order to participate, mediate, and rectify cultural misunderstandings or "cultural incidents". The objective of the course is to provide theoretical background on intercultural communication as well as general methodology and skills. 
Programme to be followed
Students will learn about, and then experience Tuckman's stages of group development. the work of Hall, Hofstede, and Trompenaars will be referred to in order to define dimensions of culture that have an impact on how we communicate in general. These concepts will be applied to the communication process through videos, role plays, and case studies. Observation, analysis and discussion will lead to a greater understanding of how communication can be managed in an international context.
Prerequisites Participants must have an intermediate to good level of English to assure comprehension and effective participation.
Course exam Daily attendance is obligatory. Active participation is the main requirement that will be taken into account for the final grade.