Course code UPM123
Course title Inclusion in Sport: promotion sport participation of people with disabilities through technology and science
Institution Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Course address Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (INEF), Martin Fierro 7, 28040
City Madrid, Spain
Minimum year of study 3rd year
Minimum level of English Good
Minimum level of French None
Key words Sport, inclusion, disability, participation, technology, awareness, sport sciences
Language English
Professor responsible Javier PĂ©rez Tejero
Telephone +34 913364137
Participating professors Javier Pérez Tejero, Rubén Barakat Carballo, Javier Coterón López, Alberto Almena Flores, Carmen Ocete Calvo, Celia Garrote de las Heras, María Casas Carmona, Javier Soto Rey, Marta Pérez Rodríguez.
Number of places Minimum: 20, Maximum: 30, Reserved for local students: 10

·       To address the importance of inclusion in sport as an important topic in Adapted Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.

·       To present the more actual trends (from research and practice) in innovation, technology, educational programs and international ongoing projects in the field of inclusion in sport.

·       To use sport as a tool to promote inclusion at all levels (educational; sport initiation, development and competition; fitness and health; rehabilitation; active leisure and tourism) using research and examples of good practice.

To promote international exchange and opportunities for European students interested in this issue.
Programme to be followed


Daytime: lessons. Topic: Why to do it? Inclusion though Sport from a health and human rights perspective.
Evening: Sport / cultural activity


Daytime: lessons. Topic: How to do it? Technology, participation and performance optimization in adapted and inclusive sports.
Evening: Sport / cultural activity


Daytime: lessons. Topic: Where to do it? Programmes in Physical Education and Sport initiation: Inclusive Sport at the School (Deporte Inclusivo en la Escuela)                                       
Evening: Sport / cultural activity


Daytime: lessons. With whom to do it? Ongoing European projects on inclusion, sport and disability.
Evening: free evening


Daytime: examinations and programme assessment.
Afternoon: Farewell reception


The above mentioned requirements for language skills and minimum year of study.

Students from Sport Science

Course exam

Theoretical and práctical examinations will be performed on Friday to assess knowledge, skills and competences from every of the previous four days.