Course code UPM55
Course title Natural language, Engineering and the Internet
Institution Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Course address E.U.I.T. de Telecomunicación, Ctra. Valencia, Km.7 28031 Madrid
City Madrid
Minimum year of study 2nd year
Minimum level of English Good
Minimum level of French None
Key words Language, Semantics, Text Technologies
Language English
Professor responsible Inmaculada Álvarez de Mon y Rego
Telephone +34 91 336 52 29
Participating professors Irina Argüelles Álvarez ; Margarita Millán Valenzuela
Number of places Minimum: 10, Maximum: 30, Reserved for local students: 10
Objectives The arrival of the computer revolutionized the study of the language we speak. The expression ‘natural language’ came to be used to distinguish it from those formal languages used in computer science. On the other hand, the evidence for linguistic analysis was no longer the result of a linguist thinking about words, but the result of analyzing large collections of machine-readable texts, known as corpus. Corpus-based lexicography led to new types of dictionaries. The importance of natural language in connection with engineering was even made stronger with the arrival of the Internet and the worldwide web.  Language engineering, text technologies, and research fields such as information extraction, information retrieval and the semantic Web among others require a basic knowledge of linguistic terminology and the problems caused by the imprecise nature of meaning in natural language.
Programme to be followed This 5-day course will review the topics by means of lectures, readings and practice based on computer-driven text analysis.The main topics addressed will be:The nature of word meaning and why the Semantic Web is “semantic”.From the beginnings of lexicography to dictionaries on the Web. The meaning of words in context: collocations and concordances.Meaning in text: text organization and topic continuity.   From corpus–based text analysis to the web as corpus.
Prerequisites This course is intended for engineering students with an interest in language
Course exam The evaluation of the course will be performed considering:-         the involvement and participation shown during the course and a final exam