Course code UPM57
Course title Smart and Accessible Homes
Institution Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Course address EUITT Ctra. Valencia, Km.7 28031 Madrid
City Madrid
Minimum year of study 2nd year
Minimum level of English Good
Minimum level of French None
Key words Multimedia applications, home data networks, smart home, smart spaces, accessibility, e-health, user experience, e-home services, home control buses
Language English
Professor responsible Rubén de Diego Martínez
Telephone +34 913 367 777
Fax +34 913 319 229
Participating professors Miguel Ángel Valero Duboy, Iván Pau de la Cruz
Number of places Minimum: 10, Maximum: 20, Reserved for local students: 10
Objectives ·         To discuss the last trends in smart homes deployment. ·         To analyse current and emergent multimodal home services.·         To identify key human factors required to provide secure, accessible, affordable and ethical solutions at the home environment.·         To understand the technical solutions to solve interoperation problems between the different networks existing at home. ·         To analyse the state of the art in available standards and commercial products.
Programme to be followed ·         Introduction to services and technologies in the smart home.·         Services in Smart Homes: Multimedia services - Home control services -Communication services·         Network and buses: Home Area Networks - Control Buses - Access to public networks.·         Devices and interfaces.·         Human factors and users experience: Universal Access and Design for All - Ethics, security and privacy - Reliability, disposability and service management.·         Ambient intelligence at home.·         Real deployment on UPM smart home scenario: Immersive experience in a 90 m2 real smart home will be conducted in order to identify and test accessible user interfaces and internetworking solutions to benefit from emerging e-home services - Deploying a real digital home with Lonworks.
Prerequisites Recommended to have some knowledge in communication networks
Course exam Student will pass a content test. Furthermore practical competence will be evaluated in a living lab. Active participation in the course will be monitorised