Course code UPM70
Course title New Dielectric and Magnetic Materials for New Applications
Institution Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Course address EUIT Telecomunicación Campus Sur
City Madrid
Minimum year of study 2nd year
Minimum level of English Good
Minimum level of French None
Key words Ferroelectrics, ferromagnetism, hysteresis, sensors, ferroelectric memories
Language English
Professor responsible María Pilar Ochoa Pérez
Telephone +34 91 336 7840
Fax +34 91 336 7841
Participating professors M. Pilar Ochoa Pérez, Amador González Crespo, Federico Cebollada Baratas
Number of places Minimum: 10, Maximum: 25, Reserved for local students:
Objectives This is an introductory course on device oriented materials with ferroelectric and magnetic properties, emphasizing those related to hysteresis.  
Programme to be followed
  1. General view of ferroelectrics.
    1. High permitiviy dielectrics.
    2. Ferroelectric memory devices.
    3. Piroelectric devices.
    4. Other applications of ferroelectric materials.
  2. Ferromagnetism. Hysteresis.
    1. Soft magnetic materials. Applications.
    2. Hard magnetic materials.
    3. Recording media.
    4. Magnetic nanostructures.
Prerequisites The students applying for this course should have taken a general course on physics (science and engineering level) as well as an introductory course on electromagnetism.
Course exam Two short exams corresponding to each part of the program will be carried out. A summary of a specific item of the program will be assigned to each student.