Budapest University of Technology and Economics

City: Budapest
Country: Hungary
The Budapest University of Technology and Economics can trace its evolution through several academic institutions, dating back to 1782. Our present flourishing activity is based not only on our responsiveness to the needs of a continuously changing world, but also on more than 220 years of experience and tradition that provides a guaranteed basis for high-quality engineering studies. Our university holds an international reputation for excellence in engineering education. It attracts professors and students from all over the world. We are proud of our international professors and our international students. Hungary is a member of the European Union. It is a good opportunity to highlight our cultural heritage, including scientists, artists, other creators, enriching Europe’s and the World’s progress and values. Our former and present professors or even graduates have also had strong contributions to those results. Consequently, international students of BME can benefit from their studies in Hungary in a particularly precious way. Parallel to their professional studies in fields of engineering, business and management, cultural courses will increase the excitement of study abroad. Use this bulletin to help you consider our programs. Come to visit our campus. Better yet, come to study with us for one semester or for an entire degree program. Should you decide to stay only for one semester, this bulletin will also help you choose from different semester programs. The Budapest University of Technology and Economics extends a special welcome to students from abroad.