Chimie ParisTech

City: Paris
Country: France
Located in the heart of Paris, Chimie Paris Tech was founded in 1896 by Charles FRIEDEL and Henri MOISSAN (Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1906) and is one of the leading French “Grande École” in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. It is also a renowned research centre where basic and applied research cover two broad areas:
- energy, materials and process engineering (Moissan Department)
- molecular chemistry (Friedel Department)
The Engineering Programmes of Study are Multidisciplinary.
The engineering cycle consists in 2150 hours of course work, with about 40% being practical laboratory work, two mandatory internships in industry: end of 1st year (1 to 2 months) /end of 2nd year (5 to 6 months); and a final-year project (one semester) in the 3rd year. In their final year, the students undertake a personal research project in public or private laboratories. 50% of the students perform their thesis in foreign laboratories, mainly in Europe, the USA, Canada, Asia, South America...
A solid general scientific training including the use of numerical modelling and computer tools, as well as proficiency in two foreign languages (a TOEIC of 750 is required in English), and industrial management (humanities, economics, accounting, etc.) are provided in the three years. A deeper work in engineering skills and a professional specialization are proposed in the areas of :
- molecular chemistry (organic and inorganic synthesis, pharmacy, biotechnology),
- material science and Engineering (metallurgy),
- process engineering (modelling and technological risks),
- renewable energies (photovoltaic, fuel cell, biomass),
- nuclear chemistry (chemistry of the nuclear cycle, nuclear waste treatment).

Students at Chimie Paris Tech receive their degree after five years of studies, following the French secondary school “Baccalauréat”. The Chimie Paris Tech Engineering degree gives the same rights as those conferred by an international Master. More than one third of the Chimie paris Tech engineer-graduates pursue PhD studies. ENSCP has a total of 300 students and a research and administrative staff of 300, of which, 90 are Ph.D students.

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