City: Paris
Country: France

Telecom ParisTech has four major missions which pay tribute to its pedagogical excellence and its international dimension. These missions are research, engineering studies, research-oriented studies, and life-long learning.

1) Research : Through applied interdisciplinary approaches in the field of ICT, research is directed towards the needs of our emerging Information Society -both in the context of collaborative research and in the context of industrial contracts.

2) Engineering Studies : Teaching at Telecom ParisTech is based on high-level research and is therefore rich in both content and innovation. As well as in-depth studies in the latest technologies, students can take classes in Economics, Management or even Entrepreneurial skills, in response to the increasing diversity of career prospects. Personal skills, management skills, the ability to work with powerful technologies in a multicultural context -these qualities form part of Telecom Paris engineers's expertise.

3) Research-oriented studies : Companies in the ICT sectors have a strategic need for R&D expertise. Telecom ParisTech has therefore developed a programme in response to the need: post-graduate students may contract for research partnerships with companies within the context of pre-doctoral or doctoral studies. Telecom ParisTech also offers other specialized post-graduate study programmes.

4) Life-long learning studies : Telecom ParisTech bases these courses on its scientific expertise and new learning technologies as well as on its knowledge of the training needs within IT sectors. Classes are designed for a wide-rangeing public, from manufacturers to operators, users, administrators, and the Service industry.